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Internet Site Usage Terms&Conditions – Legal Notice
This section contains visiting and usage rules regarding (Site).

All works (text, illustration, image, photography, video, music etc.) in the content of this Internet site belong to (Turkuaz Kitapçılık) and are protected within the scope of the Law On Intellectual and Artistic Works No. 5846 and the Turkish Penal Law No. 5237. Persons violating these rights will be subjected to the legal and penal sanctions indicated in the Law On Intellectual and Artistic Works No. 5846 and the Turkish Penal Law No. 5237. The Ministry is authorized to initiate the respective legal procedure.

The terms below will be considered as accepted by the visit of any page of this Internet Site. The Internet Site should not be visited when these terms are not accepted

A.The access to the Site and the usage of the Site is subject to the principles and terms below.
1. None of the information on this Internet Site may be changed, reproduced, published, distributed, disclosed and translated into another language without the consent of Turkuaz Kitapçılık.

2.The person using the site is considered to have accepted the “Terms of Use” as of the first usage. The Ministry reserves the right to change the “Terms of Use” at any time by publishing the changes online. The responsibility to check the “Terms & Conditions” regularly in order to be informed on the online published changes belongs to users. Persons continuing to use the Site after the implementation of changes will be deemed to have accepted the new “Terms”.

3. Turkuaz Kitapçılık efforts to ensure 24 hours accessibility of the Site. However, we would like to point out that we shall not be responsible for any inaccessibility due to diverse reasons..

4. The access to this Site may be terminated or suspended without any announcement.

5. While Turkuaz Kitapçılık, shows its best effort in order to ensure the correctness of the information it presents to the users of the Site, but does not undertake any direct or implied gurantee with regards to the correctness of the information. Turkuaz Kitapçılık is not liable for any false or missing information.

6.The Site may contain information provided by third persons. Third persons are obliged to ensure the compliance of the materials published on this Site with national and international regulations. Turkuaz Kitapçılık cannot guarantee the correctness of such material and clearly states that it will reject any responsibility for any material/immaterial losses or damages due to failures, negligence or deficits, wrong statements in the material, any trouble in the performance of the services committed in the material or any claims related to trouble of the performance of such commitments or the bankruptcy of the organization, company or person or the liquidation of the organization or company providing the services announced on the Site. The correctness and actuality of the provided information should be confirmed by the relevant organizations.

7. Turkuaz Kitapçılık, is not responsible for any damages due to the usage of the site, inability to use the site, any actions related to the information presented within its entity or the Site itself or any trouble at the usage due to taken decisions, the material in the content of the Site, any decision made any action performed upon the usage of the site, contract, wrongful act or any other type of losses (including but not limited to losses due to labour loss or loss of profit).

8. Turkuaz Kitapçılık, rejects any responsibility with regards to the information provided on sites which is accessed via the links on our web site. The links in question are provided to the user in order to ensure ease of use without undertaking any direct or implied guarantee.

B. Downloading and taking print outs of written and/or visual information and using on other websites from this Site may only be allowed within the frame of the conditions below:

1. Personal Usage;
1.1. The usage of the information presented on the Internet Site is limited to personal usage and/or for information purposes. But any reproduction within this scope may not harm the legal benefits of the right owners without any justified reason or may not be contrary to the normal usage of the work and may not be used for commercial purposes.

1.2. The written or visual material on the Site may not be changed in any manner, used by deleting the copyright marks.

1.3.The whole or a part of the information contained on the Site may not be used on another Internet site without consent, by changing or in another manner.

1.4.The data on this Site may be downloaded and printed out for non-commercial, information purposes and personal usage.

1.5.The data on this Site may be sent to third persons without any commercial purpose for their personal information and by indicating that the content is provided by Turkuaz Kitapçılık and they are also obliged to comply with these records and terms.

C. Disclaimer
1. Turkuaz Kitapçılık, doesn’t guarantee the completeness and correctness of the information on this Site and that an uninterrupted access to the Site will be ensured. The statements contained on this Site don’t constitute a legal commitment and are non-binding. This information don’t provide any implied, clear or legal guarantee, including but not limited to, the violation of the rights of third persons, ownership, saleability, suitability for a definite purpose and/or regarding being free of computer viruses.

2. The correctness of the documents on the Internet Site is not guaranteed against any failures due to writing mistakes, software mistakes, transmission failures, the malfunction of the systems or attacks to the systems and this information are not provided in order to gain a definite revenue.

3. . Therefore, Turkuaz Kitapçılık cannot be held liable for for the failures in the electronic documents on this Internet site or any direct or indirect material/immaterial losses and costs to incur due to any processes to be performed based on these documents.

4. Turkuaz Kitapçılık and/or its employees will not be responsible for any damages, including bu not limited to, any direct or indirect incurred damages, losses or costs due to any defect, failure, deficiency, interruption, fault or delay in the transmission, computer viruses or line or system faults, even if they have been notified on the possibility of such damages.

5. Pursuant to these information, Turkuaz Kitapçılık is in no manner and condition responsible for any failures, material or immaterial losses possible to result from the information or visual material in the content of this Site.

6. All information in the content of the Site may be changed at any time without the need for prior notification. Turkuaz Kitapçılık may at any time it desires cancel/change any part of the Site, limit some features or information on the site or the access to some parts of the site without any announcement.

7. Whilst Turkuaz Kitapçılık, has taken measures of its Website against viruses, it doesn’t undertake any guarantees on these issues. It is recommended to take the necessary measures prior to downloading any information, document, application etc.

8. The exclusive authorization within the scope of Turkish Laws in case of disputes possible to arise related to the usage terms is at the Courts and Executives in Istanbul.

D. Cookies
“Cookies” are software applications that can be sent to your computer and serve to collect/manage information regarding how our Internet Sites and services are utilized. If we would send any “cookie” to your computer, it will not collect any information related to you without your knowledge and consent. The “cookie” will until such time track only general usage models and not be used in order to identify you.

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